FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Are there fire restrictions in the Kremmling area?   

                            A: Click for Grand County Open Burning Information.

Q2: How do I obtain a permit for slash burning?

                            A: Contact Grand County Department of Natural Resources

Q3: Is there a resource that can help me prepare and protect my home before a         wildfire strikes?

                            A: Grand County Wildfire Council

Q4: What is KFPD's ISO rating?

                             A: Within town limits -- 4.

                                  Five miles from town limits -- 9.

                                  Farther than 5 miles from town limits -- 10.

Q5: How do I know if my property is in the Kremmling Fire Protection District?

                             A: Click for map of fire district boundaries.

Q6:  I am an insurance agent trying to insure a property in your area or a homeowner            trying to get property insured. Can you give me information?

  •      Fire Station is located at 1320 Eagle Ave, Kremmling, CO 80459

  •      2 full-time paid firefighters/remainder are volunteer

  • ​     if property is 10 miles or more from the fire station--response time is 30-60 min

  •      1 pumper --1,500 gallons per minute; holds 750 gal of water

  •      1 tactical tender -- 500 gallons per minute; holds 2,500 gal of water

  •      response outside of the fire district depends on how many and which                         volunteers respond as well as any incidents in our district or other factors                 that have our department engaged

  •      click link in question #5 above for map of our district boundaries

Kremmling Fire Protection District
1320 Eagle Ave. P.O. Box 6
Kremmling, Colorado 80459

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