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Volunteer with Kremmling Fire

Kremmling businesses and residents count on Kremmling Fire to provide the highest level of service to our community.  We rely on volunteers like you who train hard to protect our families and visitors in western Grand County.  


Helping others in their most urgent need is our passion.  We invite you to be part of what we do to make our community a great place to live.  New volunteers are always welcome.  Apply online to get started!

Want more information?  You can read more about the benefits and requirements of volunteering with Kremmling fire below.  Better yet, come to a company training event and see for yourself why we are passionate about what we do.  No commitment required. 

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Benefits

Our volunteers get great benefits for their service to the community.  Below are just some of the ways we show our appreciation for our people.


  • Training and certification opportunities paid for by the district

  • Life insurance and state-based workman's compensation benefits

  • Volunteer pension after 10 years of service

  • Personal growth in leadership, fitness, safety, emergency readiness

  • Yearly equipment allowance

  • Pride and respect in service to others

Volunteer Information

Member Requirements

In order to ensure the safety of our firefighters and our community, our volunteers are required to meet the following expectations to remain members in good standing.


  • Must be 21 years old and live in the town of Kremmling (5-min response)

  • New member training period (12-18 months, see below)

  • Attend 50% of scheduled company training (2nd & 3rd Tuesdays of every month, evaluated quarterly)

  • Participate in 15% of dispatched incidents (evaluated quarterly)

  • Perform monthly equipment and apparatus familiarization as part of a team

  • Complete a minimum of 36 hours of training to qualify for pension

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