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Since 1946 Kremmling and the surrounding areas have been served by volunteer firefighters.  All our volunteers are members of the community, just like you.  If you are ready for a change and a challenge, come check us out!


For more information, contact our recruitment coordinator, Brady Mathis:



Volunteer Benefits

Our volunteers get great benefits for their service to the community.  Below are just some of the ways we show our appreciation for our people.


  • Training and certification opportunities paid for by the district

  • Continuing education grants and tuition reimbursement for volunteers and spouses/dependents

  • Life insurance and state-based workman's compenstation benefits

  • Volunteer pension after 10 years of service

  • Personal growth in leadership, fitness, safety, emergency readiness

  • Yearly equipment allowance

  • Pride and respect in service to others

Member Requirements

In order to ensure the safety of our firefighters and our community, our vounteers are required to meet the following expectations to remain members in good standing.


  • New member training period (12-18 months, see below)

  • Attend 50% of scheduled company training (2nd & 3rd Tuesdays of every month, evaluated quarterly)

  • Participate in 15% of dispatched incidents (evaluated quarterly)

  • Perform monthly equipment and apparatus familiarization as part of a team

  • Complete a minimum of 36 hours of training to qualify for pension

New Member Training

Invitiation to Observe

If you are interested in volunteering with Kremmling Fire, we invite you to attend our regular meetings for a month.  This includes a business meeting on the second Tuesday of the month and company training on the following two Tuesdays.  This will give you an opportunity to see how we operate and meet the membership.  If you find that volunteering still holds your interest, we will schedule an orientation meeting to get you started in your new member training program. 


Candidate Orientation and Essential Skills
As a prospective member of Kremmling Fire, you will be required to complete our candidate orientation.  Once you have completed the basic orientation, you will be expected to complete an essential skills checklist in order to ensure your safety (and the safety of others) during emergency operations. Upon completion of this checklist, you are a candidate firefighter and will be eligible to respond to emergencies with Kremmling Fire.  


Firefighter Taskbook
Once you are a candidate, you will begin your firefighter task book, which defines the basic skills necessary to be an effective member of Kremmling Fire.  You will have access to a number of excellent resources to facilitate your learning: the Essentials of Fire Fighting textbook, online learning tools, company training twice per month, team maintenance once per month, and most importantly the officers and firefighters at Kremmling Fire.  These resources are available to you, and you are expected to make time to use them.  Upon completion of your firefighter task book, you will be a rookie firefighter with Kremmling Fire.  This entire process is expected to take 12 to 18 months for you to complete.


What’s Next?
As a prospective member, your orientation will include approximately 16 hours of basic information and safety training.  The orientation is conducted in two or three sessions that are generally scheduled on evenings and weekends to accommodate your work schedule.

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